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Es ist Zeit aufzuhören, von dieser berühmten „sexy Behaglichkeit“ zu träumen…Sitze nicht einfach nur in Lounges rum, lass uns deine perfekte Lounge-Passform herausfinden.

Mädels, wir haben alles getan, um das Abmessen für euch so einfach wie möglich zu gestalten.

Jetzt kannst du in weniger als 60 Sekunden deine Passform herausfinden.

Bleib ganz behaglich auf deinem Sofa liegen und gehe in die Umkleidekabine.

Finde deine Lounge-Passform heraus

Lounge's Commitment to Accessibility

Here at Lounge Underwear Ltd we are committed to making our website accessible for everyone to view and use. We understand how difficult some sites can be to use, so to help our Loungers out we have partnered with a third party company to bring our website into compliance with the WCAG 2.1 standards and guidelines.Steps to enable our accessibility features:
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  4. To disable a feature click the tile until it deselected and removes that feature from the site.
If you’d like to hide the accessibility icon forever, open the popup and click ‘Hide forever’ in the header bar. This will then hide the widget until your browser data is cleared.If you have any problems with our accessibility implementation or need any extra help, please feel free to reach out to us via one of the options from the help hub. We welcome your feedback!